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A great voice over mixed with the right music and SFX will add impact and selling power to any TV spot.

It might not be the first TV spot to be ruined by shonky audio, but we are determined to stop it happening to you.

Usually the crook voice over is the first sign of disaster. So make sure you don't ruin the visual impact of your TV spot by picking a poor voice-over. We can help you avoid the problem.

As a part of Media Group the business audio specialists, we are able to provide fast access to a huge choice of professional voice over talent.

If it's too late and you have already made a bad choice with a voice over, we can fix it. And we will help repair the problem for a lot less than you imagine.

Let's talk about choosing the right voice. We will begin at the beginning. Finding the right voice sometimes means listening to many voices. It's a process of elimination that we make easy by letting you do your auditioning online.

You simply click on to our website and listen to sample recordings of the male and female voice talent on our books.

While you listen to the voice samples, imagine the style of read you wish to achieve. Are you trying to find a hard sell sound or something more laid-back. Does the script call for a formal,corporate read? Would you need a comic approach, a character imitation or a light-hearted friendly delivery?

It matters little, because whatever voice over style you have imagined for your TV spot,you will find we have what you are after.Our range of professional male and female voices covers every age group from kids to seniors.

To get started on the selection of Television Voice Over talent, Click here.

When you have had a chance to listen to some samples and have decided on a voice you think will be suitable for the job, ask for a no obligation FREE QUOTE.

To arrange an online free quote, click here.

When you have your FREE QUOTE and assuming it meets your budget constraints you may still be questioning your decision. No problem! We'll go one step further to make sure you feel certain about the voice talent you have decided to use. We will provide you with a FREE DEMO.

The only provision we make in order to supply you with a FREE DEMO is that you must be planning to record a script or number of scripts that will exceed 60 secs in length.

Send the script(s) to us and we will arrange to record the FREE DEMO using your preferred talent to read a short extract from your script.

After the recording is complete we will email a link so you can go online and hear the Free Demo.

To have your preferred voice talent record a FREE DEMO, click here.

This three step process of auditioning, quoting and arranging a Free Demo is our proven process to make it easy for you to choose the right voice for your TV commercial.And doing everything online is by far the most convenient way to choose a voice over.

As an integral part of Media Group Pty Ltd, the business audio specialists, we know just how important it is to choose the best voice for a TV spot or multi-media campaign.

We endeavour to make the process of choosing the right voice as foolproof as possible as well giving you the convenience of doing everything online.

We start by supplying you with the widest choice of voice artists. Then we help you complete the selection using our simple3-step selection process.

1: The Audition;click to listen to voice samples.2: The Quotation;click to order a FREE QUOTE. 3: The Demonstration;click to request a FREE DEMO.