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Our stable of experienced male and female professional voice over talent will satisfy all your voice requirements.

You don't really get a second chance to choose the right voice for a radio commercial. The moment it goes to air the decision is un-retractable. So it's essential it to get it right the first time. More so if the same voice is across a whole campaign.

People will sing your praises if you choose the right voice talent. But they'll be quick to howl you down if you get it wrong. You'll be drinking alone at the Xmas party.

The good news! Finding the right voice over artist today is not the time consuming task it was in days gone by. Now we bring the voices to you at the click of a mouse.

Finding that elusive perfect voice is something you can do from your desk, in the car, at the beach wherever you can get online.

You can audition voice samples, arrange a quote and request a free-demo via your PC, Laptop, smart phone or mobile device.

Start auditioning your next voice over talent right here. To listen to sample recordings of our professional male and female voice over artists click here!

As soon as you think you have found the right choice of voice or voices, those you believe will be ideal for the radio campaign, ask for a free quote.

To arrange a no obligation, FREE QUOTE online click here.

With a huge variety of professional voice artists on our books, you can be sure we have what you are after.What sort of voices do you think you might need? Males, Females, Adults, Seniors, Teens, Children?

And how do you imagine the script will be read? Does it call for comedy? Or demand a little Drama? Perhaps something really serious with true corporate personality?Maybe a hard sell delivery, something tongue-in-cheek or a sultry femme fatale? You can be sure you'll find the voice you are looking for.

Having selected a possible voice or two we go one step further. To help you feel really confident in your choice we can prepare a FREE DEMO using your chosen voice talent to read an extract from the scripts. Then you won't be left wondering if you have made the best choice.

The only provision to our FREE DEMO offer is that your script, or number of scripts must be at least 60 seconds long.

To have your chosen voice artist(s) record the FREE DEMO you need to forward a copy of the script. We will arrange the recording and when it is complete we will send you a link to go online and listen to the FREE DEMO.

With your FREE DEMO in hand you can listen to it as often as you like. Maybe get a second opinion from someone you trust. In the end you'll know you have chosen the right voice for the job.

How can we make this generous offer of a FREE DEMO? The answer is simply this. We are part of Media Group Pty Ltd the audio specialists, so we know how important it is to choose the right voice for every radio spot.