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e-Learning projects using professional voice overs achieve more impact and memorability

We are all impressed with the visual content that can be easily and quickly produced with today's technology. Even the mobile phone is a high resolution camera. You can assemble graphics and movie clips on your PC or lap top and do some pretty sophisticated animation.

We also have access to some high quality audio production facilities. The results are obvious in the better quality presentations we see every day.

Unfortunately one element in most e-Learning projects is still "letting the team down"!

Amateur voice over talent is the culprit and remains responsible for undermining the value and appeal of many eLearning projects.

But times have changed. Today you have no excuse for using amateur voices on your projects because now you have online access to the professional male and female voice talent we have on our books.

As part of Media Group, the business audio specialists we understand what is required to make the sound component of your eLearning project on a par with the video quality.

Along with our digital audio production facilities, we have a wide selection of professional voice over talent from Australia, New Zealand and around the world.

Our experienced voice actors are drawn from diverse backgrounds. They come from television, radio, live theatre and recording studios. They're skilled in characterisation and following direction. They're able to maintain audience interest and deliver the impact you desire to drive home a sales message.

The process of finding the ideal voice for your project starts at the audition phase.

This process is carried out online where we provide access to a tremendous selection of male and female professional voice talent.

Start now. To hear samples of our male and female voice artists, click here.

As you audition the online voice samples try to imagine the "vibe" you wish to achieve your e-learning project.

Remember the voice talent you are listening to are all actors. They can follow your direction to achieve the mood and tone you are seeking.In the hands of a Director they can be moulded like clay on a potter's wheel.

When you have completed the auditioning and think you have found a suitable voice or voices, then you need to go to phase two. The second phase concerns the budget! Here you need to ask for a free quotation.

We will arrange a FREE QUOTE to record the voice component of your project and make sure the chosen voice(s) are available as required.

To have the quote prepared you need to forward a copy of the script. We will prepare the FREE QUOTE and send it to you online along with confirmation of the availability of your preferred voice(s)

We will get back to you ASAP and we will do it in strict confidence. To get your FREE QUOTE, Click here.

With your free quote in hand and availability of the talent assured you can ask us to proceed to recording the voice. However you may still not be completely sure of your choice.

If that is the case, to help remove all doubt, we are prepared to offer you a third step. Send a request to record a FREE DEMO.

For your Free Demo we will select a short extract from your script to be recorded by your chosen voice talent. When the Free Demo is ready we will email you a link. Then you can go online and hear the talent reading the extract from your script. This is as near to the real deal as you can get, and we provide this service to you free of charge.

Listen to the Free Demo as often as you like so you can feel certain you have chosen the best voice for the project.

To request a FREE DEMO click here.

When you have had the chance to listen to and evaluate the FREE DEMO, and assuming the budget is in order, you'll be able to go a head full of confidence in your voice choice. Then you can give us the order to record the entire script.

You have a few options when it comes to recording and producing the audio for your project. You can have us supply the recorded voice only. Or you can ask us to choose the best takes from the session and compile the completed voice over. Or thirdly we can create the finished track as a full mix with voice, music and sound effects.

Let's say you ask us to supply the recorded voice only. Our Studio Producer will direct the voice talent according to your instructions.

If you wish to direct the voice talent during the session but you can't be at the studio you can do it via telephone. We will set-up a 3-way hook-up between you, the voice talent and the Recording Engineer.

After the voice is recorded we can send you all the takes "raw" and unprocessed. That means the voice will not be compressed, equalised or de-breathed.

Alternatively you can request we select only the best takes to send and then you can compile the voice over. Then you can, add music and sound effects to create the final mixed audio track.

If you prefer to have us create the complete audio track we will do the finished mix according to your instructions. In this scenario we will choose the "go takes", process them and mix them with sound effects and a selection of music from our Royalty Free Music library.

When we have completed the final mix we will email a link for you to download the finished audio track.

Whichever way you choose to work, either in studio in person, over the telephone or delegating the job to our in-house Producer, be assured our aim is to make it easy for you to get the best possible audio track.

We are prepared to fit in with the way you like to work. Our aim is keep you happy and provide the service best suited to the budget and your deadline.

Make the first move now. Use the "Let's Chat" button. Or call the telephone number at the bottom of this page.