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Your Corporate Video will outshine others if you add the quality of a professional voice over.

Nothing creates a better impression for a Corporate Video than a good audio track and good audio starts with a great voice over.

There are a lot of amateur voices around, but that's what they are, amateurs. Sure you might save a few dollars. But at what cost? Impact! Memorability! Quality!

That's where we come in. We offer you the opportunity to choose professional male and female voice over artists who can add that something extra to your video.

We are part of Media Group, the business audio specialists. We'll demonstrate how for a minimal outlay, you can create a quality audio track, for your next Corporate Video.

Everything hinges on you being able to select the right professional voice talent (s).

You want the voiceartist most suited to the mood and nature of your video presentation. To find that voice with all the qualities you seek was once a time consuming and often frustrating search. Today, we provide you with a streamlined 3-phase search that you can do entirely online.

We begin with the audition phase. This is where you get to hear existing samples of the various professional voice over artists we have on our books.

As you listen to the different samples you will identify the sort of voice you are looking for and be able to choose a suitable voice or voices you think might be right for the job.

To begin the auditions start listening to our samples online. Click here.

Having completed the auditions we then move to the second phase, the quotation.

Let's imagine you have selected a voice or a couple of voices you believe will be ideal for your Corporate Video. Now you need to establish the cost. That's easy,ask and we will prepare a free, no obligation FREE QUOTE.

We think you'll be very pleased to discover that the cost of professional voice talent is far more reasonable than you might have imagined.

To receive an online Free Quote for your preferred voice talent click here..

Once you have the quote and the budget is OK, you may wish to go ahead to the next stage in choosing the voice talent. This is where we offer you a FREE DEMO.

There might be some doubts still remaining about your chosen voice talent. This is natural, so we can put your mind at rest by preparing a FREE DEMO. This is a demonstration of your selected voice over talent reading a section of your script.

If you send your script to us and request a FREE DEMO we will make all the arrangements. After the recording of the extract is complete we will send an email with a link so you can listen to the FREE DEMO online.

To request a FREE DEMO to be read by the voice talent of your choice, click here..

When you have made you final decision on the selection of the voice talent, the budget is approved and you have your script finalised, then it's time to record and mix the finished audio track.

The recording will be arranged through our studios on the Gold Coast in Queensland. The Media Group studios are located at Nerang about 40 minutes' drive south of Brisbane or 20 minutes up the M1 Motorway from Coolangatta International airport.

It's up to you whether you want to be present in person for the recording or if you wish to direct the session over the telephone. Alternatively you can brief one of our experienced studio Producers to direct the voice talent on your behalf.

A lot of people choose to leave the whole recording process to our studio Producers. Or they might work together with the Producer and direct the voice talent over the phone. This system is almost like being in the control room. We set up a three way phone conversation with you, the voice talent and the studio engineer. The only thing you miss is our delicious in-house espresso.

When the voice recording is complete we can send you all the "takes" and you can go ahead to compile the final track. Or you might ask us to select and send only the "best takes". You can then go ahead and compile the voice track.

If you prefer to leave the whole job to usyou can brief our in-house Producer.

The final mix will be done according to your instructions using any music and/or sound-effectsrequested from our Royalty Free music and effects libraries.

Now is a good time to talk over the best way to locate the right voice and record your audio track for your Corporate Video. To get started, click "Let's Chat" on this page.