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Our expert Copywriters are ready to help you get your message across.

When you need to have a script written we have a team of experienced Copywriters just waiting for your call. So don't get into a panic. Media Group will help you keep it together while we get your script organised

Getting the words down on paper can cause anxiety with a lot of folk. Many just can't get started. Others start but they are never satisfied with their own writing. While some get going on and on and never know how to finish!

The business of writing advertising copy is communication with an economy of words. Long considered the work of demons in some circles it's a craft that takes learning and practice. And writing for the spoken word differs from writing for print.

Our skilled "wordsmiths" know how to achieve the impact you desire to get your message across. They also understand the finer nuances of writing for professional voice over actors.

Professional voice artists don't just read the words. Their role is to inject unwritten elements into to a script. They exploit the use of aural devices such as inflection, tone, speed and ... pause.

Knowing all the tricks of how a spoken script communicates is an essential part of effective copywriting.So when you need a script for radio, television, an e-Learning project or the telephone our copywriters are fit for the task.

We look forward to devouring your brief. Those few lines that outline the message you wish to get across. We will begin immediately preparing a draft script.

Perhaps somewhere in the company someone has already begun work on the script. Maybe they have "hit the wall"? Or there may be a similar script that was developed previously. This sort of material should be included with your brief. Send all the stuff you think might be useful to give our writers an understandingof the project.

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