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Phone Messages

Messages On Hold help reduce callers hanging-up when they hear a busy tone.

It seems whenever the phone lines get busy "Murphy's Law" comes into play! As the Irish legal wit suggests "what can go wrong, will go wrong at the worst possible time".

When all your phone lines are busy and more callers are trying contact you what do you do? Have a mild panic attack? Do you answer some calls and let the others keep ringing?

Pretty soon callers who are left hanging will simply hang up and disappear.

The solution is to place the callers On Hold. Air Traffic Controllers discovered this technique years ago! But not all On Hold programs are created equal. Far from it.

In some cases switching a caller to On Hold means sending them into the abyss of total silence. They don't know what's happening? They wonder if they have been disconnected or simply abandoned?

Other On Hold programs suffer the caller to listen to soul-destroying chimes or computer generated Muzac!

While sometimes the On Hold button merely switches to the local radio station or a commercial music source like a CD player. The moment that happens you become liable to pay annual licensing fees for using music at a place of business.

There is only one solution. A professionally produced Messages On Hold program.

We will show you the best way to keep callers happy on-line and waiting to connect with for the person or department they need

Your Messages On Hold program should help keep callers happy while waiting on line by entertaining and informing them.

It is the same for both new and existing customers. They want to feel good about doing business with you. They expect a certain level of professionalism and want to see your operation display an image of quality to the world.

We all know how important it is to make a good first impression.So whether it's a potential new customer calling or an existing client on the line, be sure you present yourself in the best way possible

Be very wary of the DIY trap.Its false economy to think you can save a few cents by having one of the staff record your On Hold audio. It will sound amateurish. It will create a poor impression and it may also make the caller question the wisdom of doing business with such a company.

As part of Media Group, the business audio specialists, we create Messages On Hold programs that are expertly written, professionally voiced and produced in our own quality recording studios.

When your company has a Messages On Hold program we have created you will instantly impress your callers with your professionalism and commitment to customer care. Isn't that just the sort of "first impression" you want to project?An image that conveys how important quality is to your company. Immediately your existing clients and any new customers will feel better about doing business with you.

Having a Messages On Hold program of the highest quality will help reduce the number of callers who hang up and go elsewhere with their business.

So what constitutes a quality Messages On Hold program? The first criteria is the overall sound of the program...the voice, the music, and clarity of the recording.

Secondly the actual wording used needs to demonstrate the writer's skill in staying on message while still being interesting and entertaining.

Next, the content of the messages needs to be informative and helpful to the caller. The messages should accurately reflect your products and services as well as any special offers.

The messages should not be "wall to wall words". There needs to be some music.

A well thought-out Messages On Hold program will demonstrate that you have your customer's interest at heart. You can do an update with special greetings and seasonal messages during festive periods. In addition to a Christmas greeting you could include practical information like a change of trading hours over the break.

Understanding that it is important to keep your Messages On Hold current and up to date, we make it a simple and fast process to do revisions on line.

With our system you can update a single message, a few messages or the entire program at any time. Just follow the prompts at www.mediagroup.com.au

You will very quickly realise the benefits of have a Messages On Hold program that's been professionally written, voiced and produced. It's the sort of initial contact that puts you way ahead of the competition. Plus it will help you maximise the communication potential and selling power of your company's telephones.

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