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Sometimes called Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs) a Menu Prompt lets a caller direct their call to a department or staff member.

After calling a company, imagine being able to speak a number or select it on your phone key pad to connect directly with the department or person you require. These Menu Prompts are often referred to as Interactive Voice Responses (IVRs).

IVR's are incorporated in a company phone system to help save time for callers, reduce staff involvement and enhance confidentiality.The IVR will prompt the caller with options to select the destination of their call.

When a call is answered at the company switchboard the caller will hear the Menu Prompt options.The caller would hear something like; "For Sales, please press One; For Service, press Two; For Accounts, press Three; to speak with our Reception, Press Four. To hear these options again please Press Zero".

The Menu Prompts help callers connect directly to the department or person to whom they wish to speak. They help speed things up because the caller doesn't need to ask a staff member or receptionist to connect the call. The self-service nature of IVRs also helps reduce time lost by staff who would normally get involved connecting the calls.

Callers who are familiar with the system and know the IVR system get even faster connections because they can "dial ahead". They can select the correct number to dial without waiting to hear the entire menu.

As part of Media Group, the business audio specialists, we have the experience of creating Menu Prompts for organisations of every size. We've worked with businesses operating in all sectors of the economy including government.

The Menu Prompts or IVRs we provide are delivered online. We supply them ready to upload to the telephone system in any file format required.

Often in the case of larger organisations there may be several tiers to be navigated to arrive at a specific department or section. In these instances we supply a number of individual files that allow the system to accommodate any complexity.

As a caller navigates through the levels of a multi-tiered installation they hear the relevant prompts for the various levels and departments. For example if the caller selected Accounts in the opening menu they may subsequently hear the next tier of choices along these lines. "For existing account holders, please Press One; If you wish to open a new monthly account Press Two; For all other Account enquiries please Press Three."

It's important to remember that as with all your telephone messages the company's Menu Prompts or IVRs form part of the "image" you present to your customers.

You need to make sure your Menu Prompts are clear, concise and user friendly.

Menu Prompts need to present the company in the most favourable light. They must be concisely written, professionally voiced and expertly produced. Beware of short cuts and don't "scrooge" on the budget.

Your Menu Prompts or IVRs are part of your initial contact with both new and existing customers.Like any front line troops, they need to be the best they can be!

At Media Group Pty Ltd we specialise in business audio. We not only create fully professional IVR's we keep our production costs at reasonable levels.We are equipped and ready to roll with our own staff of copywriters and experienced engineer/producers working in our own state-of-the-art recording studios.

Our team of in-house professional male and female voice artists are the best in the country. Plus we draw on a pool of dedicated regular free-lance professional announcers.

Your Menu Prompts or IVR's will be produced by our team according to your instructions. Both you and your customers will soon notice the benefit of faster, smoother phone connections to your people and departments. At the same time we will help you present a very friendly, helpful and thoroughly professional image to your customers.

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Example format for Menu Prompts: "Welcome and thank you for calling (insert Company Name). Please choose from the following options. To speak to a Sales Consultant, press 1; For our Service Department, press 2; For Accounts, press 3; for all other enquiries please stay on the line and one of our friendly staff will be with you as soon as possible. To hear these choices again please press zero."