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In Store Music

In Store Music puts you in control of the choice of music and messages your customers hear at your place.

Among the many favourable comments we hear about In Store Music by far the most common compliment from business owners concerns the advantages of being able to control what customers hear while shopping.

We believe every business owner has the right to choose what can be heard and what can't be heard at their place of business.

However when the local radio station is in charge of the play list you never know what your customers will hear.

These days all sorts of controversial rubbish emanates from published music. We hear the language warnings, the negative sentiments and often "strange" lyrics. Do you think it's a good idea to have your customers bombarded by such content?

We think you should have more control. That's why, with In Store Music your customers will not be hearing risque language, political propaganda, radio ads for other products or messages promoting your competitors.

You own the store, so In Store Music lets you exercise your right to own the airwaves within your premises.

When deciding on the actual music tracks for your In Store Music program our experts will assist you to create playlists

As a part of Media Group, the business audio specialists, we have access to a huge selection of Royalty Free Music.

Our music libraries are vast so you get to pick tracks from every music genre. Plus you won't hear any "suspect" lyrical content.

The use of Royalty Free Music gives you better cost control too. Usually when music is played at an Australian business the business has to pay annual fees to APRA and PPCA.

The fees collected are adjusted annually in line with the Australian CPI. That simply means the fees are always on the rise.

Our Royalty Free Music attracts no such annual fees because all the composers, musicians and publishers have been fully compensated.

With In Store Music you are also the one who decides what messages or announcements are included in the program.

You also decide what the announcements and messages are about. It might be something promoting a sale item or a new product arrival. You simply brief us on the content and we do the rest.

We have experienced Copywriters who write the scripts according to your instructions. Then we send the draft scripts for you to approval before going into the studio to do the finished recording.

All the messages and announcements you require will be produced in our own digital recording studios. The voice over talent we use come from our stable of professional male and female voice over artists.

We will also mix in sound effects and backing music from our extensive libraries. We can also use music beds from your existing jingles.

The completed messages will sound equal to or better in quality than any ads you hear on commercial radio. That's because we are part of Media Group Pty Ltd, the business audio specialists and we have to protect our reputation!

Media Group are responsible for supplying sound tracks and radio advertising to broadcasters and business houses throughout Australia, New Zealand and internationally.

With In Store Music you are in charge. You specify both the music selection and the messages. That means you are in control of shaping the ambience and directing "customer mood" at your place of business.

With In Store Music the content is all yours. There can be no distractions from your competitors, no "bad news" events on the radio, nothing offensive and no government propaganda.

Your customers only hear music of a genre you know they like and only information you want them to pay attention to.

Experience the feeling of total control with In Store Music.

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